Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning up messes and spills, traditional upright and canister vacuums can only help so much. Some spills, wet and dry alike, require you to get out a steam cleaner if you have one (or otherwise rent one) as well as your traditional dry vacuum, too.

This, of course, just isn’t very practical at all in most cases. When you have a wet dry vacuum cleaner on hand, you enjoy the convenience of fast and easy cleanup of all of your spills and messes with just one machine.

This article act like the introduction to the wet dry vacuums compares with the traditional types of vacuum cleaners. Also, do you think that the steam cleaners like steam mops is a wet dry cleaner? I hope that you will know better about this type of cleaner soon.

wet dry vacuum cleaners

Why Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners?

If you have a wet dry vacuum cleaner, you can clean up spills and messes throughout your home on any flooring surface as well as in your garage and even in your vehicles, too. This truly is a multi-purpose machine that you will want to have available in conjunction with your traditional machine.

It does the job of both a steamer-type machine and a traditional machine, cleaning up dry messes and wet spills alike without the need to switch out machines, wait for the floor to dry before vacuuming again, and other such hassles.

Many people who regularly do handiwork or crafts in their garage have a wet dry vacuum cleaner, but they are great for other uses, too. In fact, with their versatility for cleaning up kid and pet messes, regular cleaning up inside cars, and more, you will find that you get so much use out of this machine!

There are several different types of these wet dry vacuum cleaner models available, including handheld models designed more for in-home use and automotive uses as well as shop vac styles that can be used for home, auto, garage, and workshop purposes.

The prices of these various models really vary quite a bit, running from about $50 to several hundred dollars. Some have additional attachments for scrubbing, extra-long hoses, and other features that make them more suitable for a variety of cleaning jobs. Others boast extra-quiet operation, additional suction power for picking up larger items, and more.


The Two Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Options

If you are just starting to look at the various options, you no doubt have considered which of the different options are right for you. There are essentially two different options to choose from. These choices include the shop vac variety and the in-home variety.

A shop vac style is generally larger, and they may be more expensive, too. However, they generally offer you the ability to pick up much larger debris than most in-home options and they have incredible suction power. These machines, while designed for garages, workshops, and more, can be used for indoor messes and spills, too.

On the other hand, the in-home styles of wet dry vacuum cleaner options are generally only designed for in-home use and for cleaning out car interiors, too. They often do not pick up large pieces of debris and do not pack quite the suction power of the shop vac options, so they are not suitable for use with most garages, workshops, and other areas where the cleanup tasks are more significant.

Often, the decision between which of these types of wet dry vacuum cleaner options to choose is fairly easy when you consider what your specific needs for the vacuum are as well as where and what your messes generally are.

In the future article, we will discuss more about the wet dry vacuums related topics. So, stay tune…