The Central Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

When you talk to any homeowner about buying a central vacuum cleaner, you will always find someone who has had a bad experience with one that wasn’t powerful enough or was found to be unreliable. While that is often true when the wrong type or size of cleaner is installed, when you have the right one, you should have no problems.

However, there are some things about having a central vacuum cleaner that you won’t find out until you try it. For instance, although you won’t have to store a big vacuum cleaner in your closet anymore, you will still have to store hoses and attachments and they can often take up more space than a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Also, although you might think that having the vacuum located in your garage would cut down on noise, that is not necessarily the case. Some owners of central vacuum systems state that they can hear the vacuum through the walls when they are cleaning, no matter what room they are in. This could be because their walls are not sufficiently insulated or because they just have a unit that is very noisy.

What you will also find is that almost all homes that have a central vacuum also have a regular vacuum on standby – just in case. Sometimes it is easier to bring out a handheld or a small upright rather than bringing out the big hose.

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What Are Some Popular Central Vacuum Models?

Honeywell is one of the premier makers of central vacuum cleaner systems and the Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum Power Unit is both powerful and fairly priced. It lists at almost $500, but you can find it for considerably lower prices online. This unit is designed for a home of approximately 3,500 square feet and there is no venting required. It is made from heavy-duty steel materials and has a permanent self-cleaning filter. In other words, you won’t have to replace or clean any filter at any time, saving you a lot of money. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

The Air King CVS-22E Central Vacuum Deluxe Electric Package comes with virtually everything you will need to run a central vacuum cleaner system in your home. This is designed for homes up to 8,000 square feet and has a power unit with a two-stage flow-through motor. It also has a 25-quart dirt capacity and dual filtration options. There is an included 30-foot crush-proof universal connect electric hose, a feature-loaded electric power brush, and all of the tools that you would need to clean virtually anything in your home. This model has a one-year parts only warranty and retails for $1,500, though it can be bought for much less online.

The Electrolux ZCV920H Oxygen Central Vacuum with LCD Display and HEPA Filtration is a more modern model that will provide you with a lot of information on how your system is working and just how much suction you are getting. This is an extremely quiet model with ultimate performance, a 640 Airwatt system with high filtration and cyclonic separation and a True HEPA filtration system. The LCD display will provide you with information regarding performance and maintenance and it comes with a five-year warranty on parts and one-year labor warranty.


How Should You Care for Your Central Vacuum?

There are three primary aspects to any central vacuum cleaner – the unit, the piping, and the attachments. You will generally be concerned about the unit itself since that is the only part with a motor and because it drives the entire system.

You should make sure that the container is emptied on a regular basis. Not doing so could make the motor work harder than it needs to and reduce the amount of suction that you get throughout the entire system.

You should also check all of your attachments from time to time, as well as the fixtures in the wall to ensure that they are working properly. Checking all of these things on a regular basis will help to make sure that your system lasts a long time.