Canister Vacuum VS Upright Vacuum

One of the most important tools required to keep a house is a vacuum cleaner. Although many options, styles , brands and types are available the first issues you really need to address is the great debate of upright vacuum vs canister vacuum and which one will work best for you.

To make the right choice you need to measure the pros and cons with both styles so as to make the best, the most informed choice as some vacuums are quite pricey and therefore you want to ensure you choose wisely.

The following are the comparison between the two of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners in the market now, i.e. upright and canister vacs.


The Uprights

Upright vacuum cleaners are those which stand vertical and work by pushing the entire apparatus over the floors and places you want to clean. For some people, an upright is heavier as the whole vacuum, including the motor, is being moved as you vacuum.

The vast majority of uprights today have a self propelled action which means that you’re getting automated aid from the vacuum cleaner to help manipulate and move the machine.

Additionally, some models also have swiveling action that allows you to make tight converts and get to corners within an easier style compared to models that do not get such a choice.

You can also use the attachments for any vacuum to use your upright to clean furniture, blinds, curtains, soft surfaces and also small spaces. The attachments pop off and on as needed and you can use your upright for these specialized cleaning.


The Canisters

Canister vacuum cleaners (called cylinder vacuums in UK) have almost the same as an upright vacuum in terms of performance with the distinction being which you pull the canister behind you and make use of the wand to vacuum.

This gives you slightly much better control when you have a typically smaller floor head and you simply are only pulling and pushing the lighter weight portion which performs the sucking action.

Today’s canister types can turn simply and are lighter weight compared to those before. You can, in the same way as an upright vacuum, swap out the floor cleaning head for other attachments based on the place you are cleaning.

Canister vacuums are also easier to store as you can lay the floor wand down and store in smaller areas compared to uprights which demand more height space for storage.



The choice is one of preference and really comes down to what you will be most comfortable in using. The upright vs canister vacuum dispute about is one which has strong emotions on both sides as any one been used to using either and thus towards to stick with what they know very best.

One of the things that has changed with time is the leading-edge technology, lighter weight materials directed at the vacuum cleaner itself and much better overall capability of all vacuums makes it very difficult to determine a clear and real winner while pitting both styles in opposition to one another.

Anyway, the upright is not for above floor cleaning while canister vac is okay. Both types is able to clean almost any types of floors and how effective is vary among the models.

So, if you having difficulty choosing between the two, think of other factors like price, on-board tools, warranty periods, bagged or bagless, room size and vacuum cable, filter used, and the most important is it fulfils all your cleaning needs.

All the best in your hunting for vacuum!

by faataah